Since 2002  ·  Made in
N. Holland, Netherlands

I'm a digital product designer with more than 10 years of experience. I've worked on projects for clients and companies that have touched billions of users globally, in e-commerce, media, and design.
BOOKING.COM   View case study →
UX Designer
Since June 2014
Currently working in a design team of over 140 in areas as varied as intranet apps serving over 1m global properties, one of the travel industry's top e-mail marketing programs, and the company's fully-featured and independent tablet web platform. Booking has a data-driven culture, supported by the company's internal A/B testing framework. Pushed technical limitations within browsers and e-mail clients alike, using internal CSS and templating tools. Also participated in user research tasks, including interview moderation and street testing.

FORGEDCRAFT   View case study →
Freelance Web Designer/Developer/Logo Designer
January 2014 → April 2014
Designed and coded a website for up-and-coming multipiece forged wheel brand ForgedCraft. Also created marketing collateral, wheel center cap design, company logo, and offered guidance for motorsports-styled wheels.

MENUISM   View case study →
Freelance Mobile Web Designer/Developer
July 2013 → November 2013
Designed and coded a visual refresh for restaurant review site’s mobile interface using Bootstrap, HAML, and LESS; created a vector icon for a forthcoming iPhone app using Sketch.

Freelance UI Designer/Developer
May 2013 → November 2013
Designed and built a new, responsive visual refresh for A/B testing tool PickFu, using Bootstrap 2.3.2, HAML and modern web design standards and typography. Redesigned display pages for more efficient display of data relating to A/B testing results. Wrote marketing copy for landing pages.

QUORDINATE   View case study →
Freelance Mobile UI Designer
January 2013 → May 2013
Created a modern, intuitive interface for a contacts management iOS app with the former CTO of Machinima. Also built marketing sites, using S3 hosted sites, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.

Front End Web Designer/Developer
September 2010 → November 2012
Worked on internal and external projects for the top video gaming YouTube channel, from business intelligence dashboards, the homepage, advertising e-mails, to Facebook apps and landing pages. I wrote marketing copy, created A/B versions of landing pages, and generally did design and development work for our sales, IT, business intelligence, and technology departments. We were mostly a Ruby/Padrino shop; I used tools such as LESS, HAML, Bootstrap, and Foundation in an agile environment. A colleague and I took the company’s internal Partners management app from nothing to a fully-functioning application that helped manage upwards of 3,000 monthly payments to different directors based on YouTube data.

Founder/Product Designer/Web Developer
June 2008 → August 2010
Built an e-commerce web app for discussion forums in a Python/Django environment. Created start-to-finish front-end for our app, from initial requirements gathering to wireframing to mockups to final coding. MelonStand was a graduate company of the first Founder Institute, San Diego class.

Web Production Assistant
2006 → 2007
I hand-coded HTML/CSS for client websites based on mockups submitted by the Art Director. I wrote marketing copy and troubleshot pages that were broken, updated content, and did some minor Wordpress design work.
Data-driven design
A/B/multivarate testing
User research/testing
Desktop/Mobile Web UI/UX
Native mobile app UI/UX
HTML E-mail Production
Adobe CS Suite



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