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N. Holland, Netherlands

I'm a digital product designer with more than 10 years of experience. I've worked on projects for clients and companies that have touched billions of users globally, in e-commerce, media, and design.
UX Designer
July 2018 → ongoing
Currently working with global brands like HSBC and Jumeirah Hotels on mobile apps and responsive websites.

BOOKING.COM   View case study →
UX Designer
June 2014 → June 2018
Worked in a design team of over 200 in areas as varied as intranet tooling serving over 1.5m global properties, the travel industry's top e-mail marketing program, Booking's fully-featured and independent tablet web platform, as well as Booking's highest trafficked page on desktop, using the company's advanced internal A/B testing framework. Pushed technical limitations within browsers and e-mail clients alike, with production-ready HTML and CSS, using internal CSS and templating tools. Conducted user research, including interview moderation and street testing. Also, mentored multiple junior designers across different teams.

FORGEDCRAFT   View case study →
Freelance Web Designer/Developer/Logo Designer
January 2014 → April 2014
Designed and built a website for up-and-coming multipiece forged wheel brand ForgedCraft. Also created marketing collateral, wheel center cap design, company logo, and consulted on design for motorsports-styled wheels.

MENUISM   View case study →
Freelance Mobile Web Designer/Developer
July 2013 → November 2013
Designed and coded a visual refresh for restaurant review site’s mobile interface using Bootstrap, HAML, and LESS; created a vector icon for the company's iPhone app.

Freelance UI Designer/Developer
May 2013 → November 2013
Designed and built a new, responsive visual refresh for comparison testing tool PickFu, using Bootstrap 2.3.2, HAML and modern web design standards and typography. Redesigned display pages for more efficient display of data relating to comparison testing results. Wrote marketing copy for landing pages.

QUORDINATE   View case study →
Freelance Mobile UI Designer
January 2013 → May 2013
Created a modern, intuitive interface for a contacts management iOS app with the former CTO of Machinima. Also built marketing sites, using S3 hosted sites, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.

Front End Web Designer/Developer
September 2010 → November 2012
Worked on internal and external projects for the top video gaming YouTube channel, from business intelligence dashboards, the homepage, advertising e-mails, to Facebook apps and landing pages. Wrote marketing copy, created A/B versions of landing pages, and did general design and development work for Machinima's sales, IT, business intelligence, and technology departments. Used technologies such as LESS, HAML, Bootstrap, and Foundation in an agile environment. Created and built the company’s internal Partners management app, which went from an idea to a fully-functioning application that helped manage upwards of 3,000 monthly payments to different partners based on YouTube data.

Founder/Product Designer/Web Developer
June 2008 → August 2010
Founded a company and built an e-commerce web app for discussion forums in a Python/Django environment. Created start-to-finish front-end for the app, from initial requirements gathering, wireframing, mockups, to final production code. MelonStand was a graduate company of the first Founder Institute, San Diego class.

Web Production Assistant
2006 → 2007
Hand-coded HTML/CSS for client websites based on mockups submitted by the Art Director. Wrote marketing copy and troubleshot pages that were broken, updated content, and did minor Wordpress design work.
Data-driven design
Advanced A/B testing
User research/testing
Desktop/Mobile Web UI/UX
Native mobile app UI/UX
HTML E-mail Production
Adobe CS



Upon request.